IT Dept Show in Maharashtra Fuels Agencies Weaponizing Debate!

Thu Aug 11 2022 17:27:56 GMT+0530 (IST)

The raids conducted by the central agencies in the country are incasing the political heat. Though the union government BJP is saying that the agencies are following their duty and there is no political angle in this, the opposition parties are alleging that the Bharatiya Janata Party is weaponizing the central agencies.

No matter what the opposition parties are saying, the agencies are continuing their work and conducting more and more raids. ED and CBI are aggressively doing raids. Another central agency IT also joined the force and is conducting raids.

The IT department has focused on the alleged wrongdoings of various businessmen who operate in various fields. Even the raiding officers were stunned to see the bundles of cash and gold. The amount seizing as of now stands close to four hundred crores.

Media reports say that the IT department conducted multiple raids at the residences and offices of business groups that trade in steel, clothing, and real estate sectors. The raids lasted for one week and after the raids, the IT department found a massive amount and gold.

Though the IT department is saying that the raids were conducted after they got information on the alleged tax evasion, the way the raids were held once again started the debate over the alleged weaponising of central agencies.

Baring Maharashtra, all the raids are happening in states where BJP is not in power and leaders from other parties are facing the raids. The raids are being conducted at the residences of other party leaders as if BJP leaders' accounts are very clean.