IT Employees In Hyd Fearing Global Lay Off Exercise!

Sun Jan 22 2023 14:32:43 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Things are not going well for the IT world. In 2022 many IT companies sacked employees due to various reasons. The same trend continued in 2023. We are yet to finish the first month of 2023 and thousands of employees have been sacked by employers.

Even big companies like Google, Wipro, and other global companies removed the employees. The exercise of removing the employees has been going on. One after the other big firm is removing employees. Recently an employee who was sacked by Wipro made an emotional post recalling how he worked for Wipro for more than 20 years and lost his job.

Various things like the global recession and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine are forcing companies to sack the workforce. The layoff exercise is leaving a big impact on Hyderabad, which is regarded as the big IT hub in the country as per the experts.

The IT employees in Hyderabad are reportedly in fear that they might also get sacked. The MNCs are removing the workforce across the globe and this includes Hyderabad as well. So they are allegedly in fear that they might get sacked.

The companies stopped getting projects as they used to get earlier. So there is no need for the companies to continue the extra workforce. Following this, the employers started the exercise of removing the workplace. Not just in America the employees in other places are also being removed.

The tech employees in Hyderabad are reportedly in fear that they might lose their jobs. However, the freelance and temporary employees who were taken on a contract basis for the projects were being removed while the permanent employees are said to be the second target of the employers.

However, experts are saying that employees having fear of losing their jobs is temporary as more jobs would be created in the future to fill the vacancies created with the layoff exercise.

Indis is one of the biggest platforms for the IT world for the workforce. So if the employers have to look for a workforce then Indians would get benefited and this includes Hyderabad as well. It appears that the employers would hire employees next.