IT Sector taking Work From Home route yet again!

Thu Jan 06 2022 17:30:16 GMT+0530 (IST)

The employees working in the Information Technology (IT) sector who worked from home in the two waves of Covid were recently asked by the employers to come to the office to work. Off late, they have been working from their respective offices.

But the employees' stint in the office did not last long. In the wake of the Omicron scare, the employers have asked the employees to get back to work from home module.

The list of companies asking employees to work from home has been growing since earlier this week. It is said that the employees were asked not to come to the office till further notice.

When the IT industry pinned hopes of having bright days ahead, Omicron changed the situation completely forcing the companies to opt for work from home yet again. Only a minimal percentage of the workforce is working from the office set up in the IT sector right now and the percentage might get reduced in the coming days as per the experts.'

Not just the IT sector, employees working in other sectors are also expected to take the same route. Using the experience they had in both waves, the companies are reportedly taking measures to curb the in-house infections and pave the way for a smooth flow of work.