If This Happens, The T Congress Would Become Empty

Sun Feb 16 2020 18:58:26 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Will there be a massive exodus very soon from the Congress in Telangana ? Will all Reddy leaders leave the party in drones? Will there be a complete desertion in the party in Telangana? This question is being debated in hushed tones in Gandhi Bhavan these days. The party leaders and cadres are asking themselves these questions.

The reason for this debate lies in the buzz that the High Command is mulling making former speaker Duddilla Sridhar Babu the next PCC president. The high command feels that Sridhar Babu is non-controversial and does not maintain any groups in the party. He is also highly educated and will create a positive buzz among young and urban voters. But, herein lies the problem. If Sridhar Babu, a Brahmin, is made the president, the Reddys in the party might leave the party. The Reddys have always dominated the party in Telangana and if a non-Reddy is made the president, it only means that the party is sidelining the community in the state. This might make the Reddys to leave the party. Even senior party leaders from non-Reddy community too might leave the party if a junior is given the task of manning the PCC.

Sources said that several Reddy leaders from the Congress are already holding talks with the BJP leaders in the state. They are planning to leave the Congress and join the BJP once the official announcement  about Sridhar Babu is made.