Illicit Liquor Claims 30 Lives, Others Hospitalised!

Tue Jul 26 2022 18:46:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

In a shocking turn of events, the local made liquor hooch turned toxic for the consumers as more than 50 people fell seriously ill and were rushed to the nearby hospital for treatment. More than half of the victims breathed their last at the hospital facility while undergoing treatment.

The spine-chilling incident was reported by BJP-ruled Gujarat, which is a dry state. Despite following the dry rules, the toxic alcohol was prepared and sold by the accused which claimed so many lives. The rest of the victims are placed under treatment.

The incident was unearthed the other day in Gujarat's Botad district. On day one of the incident, over 10 victims passed away and the rest of them passed away earlier today. The cops filed a case in connection with the case and multiple FIRs were filed. Though nothing is confirmed yet, media reports said that the liquor might have been made of methyl alcohol.

It is shocking news what happened in Gujarat as it is a dry state. Though locals cannot get liquor, people often try to go to other places to get liquor. Seeing that people need liquor and would go to any fat to get liquor, fraud people make illicit liquor.

Banking on the love drinkers have for liquor, people make illicit liquor without thinking much about the health effects the liquor could bring. The recent issue is one such one.