Imposing complete lockdown for weeks is the key in India's fight against Covid-19

Sat May 01 2021 17:01:07 GMT+0530 (IST)

Responding to the alarming situations in India caused by the second wave of the novel Coronavirus, the top epidemiologist of the United States Anthony Fauci, has come up with a suggestion to tackle the virus spread.

Anthony Fauci, who has been raising his voice against the global impact of the Covid-19 suggested that for a few weeks a complete lockdown should be imposed in India with an immediate effect.’

Calling the lockdown as the solution to deal with the Corona crisis in the difficult situation, Fauci said, lockdown will help in improving the healthcare system in India that was severely affected by the second wave of Coronavirus.

"Well, one of the things you really need to do, to the extent that you can, is shut down temporarily the country, I think it is important. India is in a very difficult and desperate situation. So when you have a situation like that you’ve got to look at the absolute immediate," Fauci said.

Expressing his pain to see India struggling to fight the pandemic outbreak, Fauci said lockdown imposed for weeks will also help in breaking the chain of transmission of the deadly virus.

Lockdown need not be imposed for months, lockdown imposed for weeks will also keep an end to the virus transmission.

The physician also gave a suggestion to India that a team comprising experts should be constituted so that they can help the country in beating the virus in an effective manner.

Fauci said, vaccination is the key in fighting the pandemic and said, only two percent of the Indian population getting vaccinated is a serious issue and measures should be taken to improve the vaccine numbers.