In 5 years, over 6 lakh people repudiated citizenship: Centre!

Wed Dec 01 2021 18:46:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

An interesting topic came up for discussion during the ongoing Monsoon sessions in the Lower House Lok Sabha on Tuesday. The topic of the number of people who gave up Indian citizenship over the last five years came up in the house the other day and the Minister gave a written reply to the question. The members of the opposition parties asked a question on the same.

As a response to the question asked by the members of the house, Minister of State for Home Affairs Nityanand Rai said as many as 6,08,162 persons have given their citizenship in the last five years. The data was taken between 2017 and September 2021.

In a written reply, the Minister said, as many as 1.33 lakh people gave up their citizenship followed by 1.34 lakh, 1.44 lakh, 85,248, 1.11 lakh in the next four years. While the number of people who gave up their citizenship kept on increasing in the first three years, it fell in 2020 and saw a slight increase the next year, 2021.

 While providing the information on the number of citizenships granted by the Indian Government between 2016 and 2020, the Minister said, the Government received as many as 10,645 applications seeking citizenship and 4,177 people were given citizenship.

India got the highest number of applications from the neighboring nation Pakistan with 7,782 applications while Afghanistan, the United States, Sri Lanka were in the next top positions with 795,227 and 205 respectively. Bangladesh, Nepal, and Kenya were in the next positions.

To be precise, India received 2,262 applications seeking citizenship, followed by 855(2017), 1,758(2018), 4,224(2019), 1,546(2020). The rules for the CAA were not set so far and the eligible people can apply for citizenship, the Minister said. He also said that the set of rules and regulations for the National Register of Citizens (NRC) were also not prepared.

The announcement made by the Union government on the NRC and Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) created a huge controversy resulting in widespread protests from the opposition parties in the country.