In Congress Eyes, Rahul's Telangana Visit Is a Big Hit!

Sat May 07 2022 18:46:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi who is expected to take over the party as the chief had focused on Telangana to strengthen the party. Rahul Gandhi is in Telangana right now and kept himself busy taking part in various meetings. He addressed a massive meeting at Warangal.

During his Telangana tour, Rahul Gandhi is sending a clear message to the leaders that the party will support those who work for the party, and those who are not working for the party will not be supported no matter how long he or she has been associated with the party.

As youth is the key sector for any party, Rahul Gandhi met the National Students' Union of India (NSUI) leaders who are at the Chanchalguda Central Jail as they were arrested for staging a protest. During the meeting, Rahul said that the party workers and students are the strong base for the party.

With this meeting, the T-Congress is saying that it got the required boost up to highlight the wrongdoings of the TS party. With Rahul Gandhi joining the force in taking on the mighty TRS, the Congress cadre might aggressively attack the ruling party.

On the other hand, the student leaders were given assurance that their hard work did not go in vain and that their work came to the notice of the leadership. The NSUI leaders got due recognition from the party and the Congress party can say that Rahul Gandhi's visit is a hit.