India Overtook China In Population Already?

Wed Jan 18 2023 17:19:11 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Having a vast population is a big benefit the dragon country China has as it does not need to go to other places for the workforce. But things are not going well for the nation as far as the population is concerned. Be it the Covid outbreak or other issues have impacted the population allegedly.

These aspects are said to have resulted in the population of China coming down. As a result, India overtook China as the most populous nation in the world. As per the observation of the World Population Review (WPR), India might have overtaken China in population by the end of 2022.

India's population is said to have reached 141. 7 crore by the end of 2022 and reached 142.3 crores. Both observations say India has surpassed China in population.

After around over 7 decades China's population came down. The measures like restricting the number of kids a couple can have are said to have created an impact on this. The growing population of elderly people in dragon country also led to a decrease in the population as per the observers.

Though India's population slowed down a bit, experts say that the growth might have a steady rise till 2050. If this happens then India would hold a major part of the population from the Asian region.

The experts predict that after three decades India would add around 26 crores of population. India is likely to touch a massive mark of 167 crores in population if the observations of the subject experts appear true.