India's Record During Corona: Beats China In Baby-Booming

Fri May 08 2020 10:33:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

Know which country is likely to register most births during the Covid crisis? It's India. Yes. India is going to have most babies during the lockdown. In the nine-month period after the lockdown on March 23, the world is likely to see the birth of 11.60 crore infants. Of them, nearly 2 crore would be born in India.

This would be one-fifths of the total new births during the lockdown. Those born between March 11, when Covid 19 was officially declared a pandemic, and December 19 would come into this category. India takes the cake with most births. Next to India is China. It is likely to have 1.35 crore new births. It is followed by Nigeria (64 lakhh), Pakistan (50 lakh) and Indonesia (40 lakh). Taking care of these children and ensuring proper healthcare to the newborn and the mother would be a big challenge during the lockdown, say health experts. This could put most mothers and infants in a condition of risk, they say.

Most worrisome aspect is that all these countries have a record of high child mortality and pregnancy related deaths. They have poor medical infrastructure access to the hospital for ensuring safe delivery of the baby. Rural China too suffers from poor medical infrastructure.