Corona Virus: India Requests China For 300 Students!

Sun Jan 26 2020 15:12:12 GMT+0530 (IST)

Corona Virus is scaring people across the World more than anything else. Particularly, People in China have been the most affected by this deadly virus. So far, 56 people had died and around 2,000 were diagnosed with the virus.

Government of India is constantly monitoring the well-being of Indians living in China. It even requested China to permit around 250 to 300 Indian Students stuck in Wuhan to leave the City.

Already, Indian Government has issued travel advisories to the Indian travelling to China because of the outbreak of Corona Virus. Helplines were set up by the Indian Embassy in Beijing to help students in Wuhan where 700 Indian Students are studying in various Universities.

To contain the spread of Corona Virus, Over a dozen Chinese Cities including Wuhan were locked down with restrictions such as transportation shutdown. More than half of the Indian Students managed to leave Wuhan before the lock down. Now, India is trying its best to help the remaining 300-odd students leave Wuhan City.

People arriving from China were screened at seven airports in India to find out if they are infected with Corona Virus. About 11 people were kept under observation in four cities already.