India on a spree of logging record single-day infections!

Sat Jan 08 2022 12:21:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

The health experts have earlier warned that India might face a deadly third wave of Coronavirus if people won't follow the protocols. As the worst nightmare of India, the country is slowly moving towards the third wave. The reason for this is, India is logging a record number of cases for consecutive days.

Raising many fears and concerns on the virus spread, India saw close to one and a half lakh people testing positive for the virus. This makes India log more than one lakh single-day fresh infections for two consecutive days.

The fresh infections rose in India by 21 percent compared to Friday. As a result, as many as 1,41, 986 people across the country came in contact with the virus, which pushes the total toll of the virus to 3,53,68,372, the data shared by the Union ministry of health and family welfare said.

The single-day cases are steadily going up for the past few days with a handful of states actively contributing to the country's toll of Covid infections. Six states hold the major share of infections in the country.

The official data shows, states like Maharashtra, Delhi, West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka are the severely impacted states with the virus spread and these states hold the highest number of Covid infections.

In this tough time, India has to cheer about one thing which is the trend of the decline in the fresh casualties caused by the pandemic. Since early this week, the single-day deaths are on a spree of decreasing.

On Thursday earlier this week, more than 500 people have breathed their last battling the virus, while over 300 people lost their lives the other day. Bringing down the casualty count further, less than 300 Covid patients lost their lives in the past 24 hours.

As a warning signal, the infections triggered by the newly detected Omicron variant are also on the rise in the nation. Breaking the 3,000 mark, the infections across the nation are slowly inching further. Looking at the rate of transmission, the Omicron infections are expected to make even big numbers.