If Not India, Indians Are Getting Wealthy!

Tue Jan 22 2019 13:20:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

India is a poor and third world country. This is what we have been learning from long time. We never really got to know the wealth that India has and how many Indians are really wealthy.

Actually, India is not just wealthy in the amount of people, that is citizens but it has few who have become billionaires that even world can feel shy about.

About 13.6 crores of the people are suffering with poverty and mortgage, loan troubles. But per day income of Indian Billionaires is incredibly increasing by Rs. 2200 crores per day.

That is on par with billionaires in the World, whose income is increasing by 250 crores USD per day. While the Indian Billionaires income increased by 39%, more than 50% of Indian population income increased just by 3%.

People who are under poverty line are losing income by 11% every year. Oxfarm has done an economical survey in India to conclusively state these facts with big proofs.

52% of the Total Income is with just 1% of the Indian population who are Billionaires. But the upside is that Indian Billionaires are increasing and by year 2022, per day 70 Indians are going to be Billionaires, it seems.

To state how the wealth is getting saturated in India, while Rs. 2.08 lakhs crores are spent by Government, Mukesh Ambani's wealth per year is Rs. 2.28 lakhs crores. Now, tell us if India is a poor country?!