Indian Female Student Harassed By Manager At Store?

Wed May 17 2023 16:44:21 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Post the pandemic-era, the attacks, and harassment against Asians, mainly Indians are increasing slowly. A report said that the attacks increased by many folds. On top of this, racial abuse is also happening. Now another nation is slowly turning out to be another America and proving unsafe for Indians.

In a shocking incident, an Indian female student was reportedly sexually assaulted by her higher officer at the Dominos store where she works. The victim shared her shocking experience on TikTok and also complained to the management about this. This caught everyone's attention.

This horrific incident happened in Canada, which is known for its peaceful atmosphere. The victim is reportedly identified as a Hindu girl. She was working at a Dominos store at 478 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4Y 1X5, Canada, and one Amarjeet Singh, who is said to be in the upper position harassed her.

The issue raised many eyeballs in Canada and the students there are urging their fellow female Indian students to be careful as a student was harassed and no action was taken against the accused by the management yet.

The Khalistani movement is seeing big growth in Canada and objectionable graffitis are painted on the walls of Hindu temples. People from the Hindu community are also being attacked reportedly. Joining the row a Hindu girl was sexually harassed.

When the issue grabbed everyone's attention, people started a debate on whether Canada is becoming unsafe for Indians. At regular intervals, such unfortunate incidents are being reported and the Indian community living there are having many fears.