Indian IT Firms To witness More Layoffs

Wed Jul 08 2020 19:43:56 GMT+0530 (IST)

Given the prevailing situation aftermath, the pandemic many Information Technology(IT)  firms laid off its employees as a bid to cost-cutting as the companies suffered severe losses.

A recent data collected by a national media house stated that the Indian IT firms took a call to lay off the employees by citing various reasons. While some companies gave non-performance as a reason,  some other companies laid off employees as the company doesn't have any projects in the hand.

The data also hinted that the  IT Sector might witness more and more layoffs as most of the companies are to sack their employees for cost-cutting. However, some firms claimed these layoffs are linked with the non-performance of the employees.

Earlier, some of the tech giants like Cognizant laid-off employees with the existing conditions. It is believed that a leading tech giant might sack around 2000 employees globally.