Indian Student Bullied in Texas, No One Comes to Rescue!

Tue May 17 2022 11:45:19 GMT+0530 (IST)

Given the superpower it possesses, the United States is in a better position compared to many nations. The country never misses an opportunity to respond to the developments in other nations. Recently, we have seen how the United States expressed its concerns about the rise in attacks against Muslims. India hit back at the US saying that they are also concerned about the growing violence in America.

While America always makes big claims that the nation is a paradise for those who live there, the nation is struggling with the rise in the racial abuse culture. Recently, we have seen California reporting a racial abuse incident.

Despite Asians making up the biggest percentage of immigrants in the United States, they are often subjected to racism and racial abuse. Among the Asians, Indians face the attacks more. As another example, one Indian student was subjected to such behavior. The videos went viral.

An Indian-origin student was bullied by a fellow student. When the Indian student was sitting at a canteen, a local student approached him and asked him to vacate the place as he wants to sit there. Indian student told him that the seat was vacant when he came there and he will not leave the place.

Unhappy with the Indian student not leaving the place, the American student reportedly held the Indian by the neck and threw him out of the canteen. What's even more surprising is that no student came to his rescue including the Indian-origin students as they were busy recording what is happening at the canteen.

As if the bullying is not enough, even the school management shocked the Indian student. At a meeting which was attended by the parents of the Indian-origin student, the management held him responsible for the incident. Accusing the Indian-origin student of starting the fight, he was reportedly suspended for three days from the school.

On the other hand, the American student, who bullied the Indian-origin student was suspended for only one day. Many wondered why the school management did not take any action against the American Student for bullying the Indian-origin student.