Indian Tennis Player says regretting retirement announcement!

Wed Jan 26 2022 17:02:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

Indian star Tennis Player Sania Mirza was in the news recently with her announcement of her retirement. The ongoing tournament will be her last and after that, she will be bidding goodbye for the game. Now the ace player is regretting announcing quitting the game.

Opening up on the retirement announcement, Sania Mirza felt that she is regretting the decision as she is feeling that she might have made the announcement too earlier. To be honest on the decision, I am feeling that, I felt it was too early, she said.

Giving a reason for that, Sania Mirza said that she is regretting the decision as she is being asked about her retirement currently. Always being asked about the same makes me regret the decision I made, she said.

"I am not actually thinking about that at every match to be honest, I think that I made the announcement too soon to be very honest, I am kind of regretting it because that's all I am being asked right now," the star Indian Tennis player said at the press briefing.

Earlier, Sania Mirza said that her body is unable to tackle the injuries as the motivation and energy were not the same she used to have, and giving this as a reason, the Hyderabadi player said she had decided to retire from the game.