Indians Would Ask For Forgiveness After Defeat: Shahid Afridi

Sun Jul 05 2020 17:17:47 GMT+0530 (IST)

Former Pakistan skipper Shahid Afridi who often makes controversial remarks on India and Indian cricket team did it yet again. This time, he made some serious claims on the Indian Team.

Talking on the Cric Cast show on YouTube, Shahid Afridi said, Pakistan dominated the Indian team to a level that Indian cricketers would ask for forgiveness from Pakistan.

"I have always enjoyed India. We’ve beaten them decently, really decently. I believe we've beaten them so much that they used to ask us for forgiveness after the match," Shahid Afridi said on the show.

Looking at the stats,  Pakistan recorded more wins on India in the bilateral series while India doesn’t have a convincing record against arch-rivals Pakistan. This is not applicable to Worldcup.

India holds an unbeatable record as Indian never lost to arch-rivals in any WorldCup match. So far India-Pakistan locked their horns in Worldcup seven times and won victoriously in all the matches.

Shahid Afridi ranked his innings of 141 in the 1999 Chennai Test against India as his favorite and said he enjoys the most playing against India and Australia as both the teams are the best.