Indian Groom Married Nepali Bride And Brought Her Home

Wed Jul 15 2020 18:00:11 GMT+0530 (IST)

In the Covid times, the Indo-Nepalese administration opened up the international bridge for 15-minutes to reunite a couple. The groom Kamlesh Chand, a resident of Jibi village near Pithoragarh, married Radhika, daughter of Tigram from Dhulakot village of Darchula district in Nepal and brought her home to a warm reception.

Without a wedding procession, the groom and his father attended the wedding in Darchula, Nepal. Their wedding finished in just 12 minutes.

Only the groom and his father were attended the wedding. The bridge was opened for 15 minutes by government permission. The couple entered wedlock within 12 minutes and head back home in a quarter-hour.

The couple was welcomed by the Indian security personnel at  Dharchula as they entered India through the border bridge on river Kali.