Industry people displaying Balupu: Says YCP MLA!

Mon Jan 10 2022 13:31:52 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Covid pandemic left a devastating impact on the film industry. The industry is still unable to get out of the crisis. Doubling the troubles of the industry, the Andhra Pradesh government came up with the decision to bring down the ticket fares across the theatres in the state.

The development did not go well with the industry people and they have been raising their voices. As a counter effect, the AP leaders are also taking potshots at the industry whenever they get an opportunity to do so.

Joining the list of leaders who took a dig at the industry over the tickets row, YSRCP leader and MLA Nallapareddy Prasanna Kumar Reddy targetted the industry and alleged that the industry is having a headstrong nature.

Reacting to the matter, the Kovuru Legislator reportedly said that the industry is displaying arrogant behavior. Lashing out at their behavior, the MLA asked if the industry realizes that there is a state called Andhra Pradesh or have they forgotten about the state.

The ruling party MLA reportedly came down severely on the film industry while giving his take on reducing the movie ticket prices. Reciprocating what the leaders have been saying, the MLA said the movie tickets for the big films are sold at higher prices like Rs 1,000 and Rs 2,000 making it unbearable for the common people.

With a noble intention of enabling the poor people in the state to have the joy of enjoying big films by reducing the movie ticket prices, the Andhra Pradesh government took a bold step. Instead of welcoming the good decision, people are questioning the decision, which makes me wonder, the MLA said.

Earlier we have seen the likes of Minister for Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Kodali Nani, Andhra Pradesh Cinematography Minister Perni Nani, Minister for Water Resources Dr. P Anil Kumar Yadav target the industry over the issue.

They have one thing in common to say about the issue. What's the problem if the tickets are reduced. Not just that, they have also urged the stars to reduce their remuneration which automatically makes the film production less cheap.