Inspired by Russia, Arab Nation Bans Sex During Tournament!

Wed Jun 29 2022 14:46:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

The connection between the middle east nations and prestigious sports events is getting stronger and stronger. When Covid hit India, United Arab Emirates hosted the Indian Premier League(IPL) tournaments. Compared to the previous seasons, the tournaments held in the UAE saw record viewerships and Disney+ Hotstar made big profits with the streaming rights.

Now another prestigious event will be hosted by a middle east nation. The much-awaited football tournament 2022 FIFA World Cup, which marks the 22nd tournament will be hosted by Qatar. For the first time, an Arab nation is going to host the football world cup.

As a big shock to the fans and players, Qatar said that no casual sex will be allowed in the nation during the world cup nation. Not just that, those who are found guilty might also face a jail term of up to seven years. It is going to be tough for unmarried fans and stars.

Casual hookups and sex are quite common in western nations. Whenever any western county hosts the tournament fans end up having casual sex. But that is not going to happen this time with Qatar warning with harsh punishment. A leading media outlet quoted a few Qatar officials as saying that Qatar endorses conservative nature and they will not encourage casual sex or one-night stands.

Not just casual sex, Qatar also imposed a ban on after-parties, which happens usually as part of the tournament after the match ends. The only relief is that only alcohol parties might be allowed that too with a few restrictions.

On top of this, carrying drug substances like cocaine and others might also make people face a jail term. So the fans have to be careful while spending time in the Arab world Qatar for the football world cup.

Looks like Qatar took a leaf out of Russia. During the 2018 Russia World Cup, the nation said that women should be careful about sexual relations and having sex with non-white foreigners, or else children born out of the casual sex relation might have to face discrimination. The authorities gave a strong warning to Russian women at that time.