Instead Of Fighting Rivals, They Both Are Fighting Each Other

Sat Aug 01 2020 15:39:40 GMT+0530 (IST)

The TDP politics in Nellore district's Kavali are worsening by each passing day. Once a TDP citadel, Kavali constituency has now passed into the hands of the YSRCP. Though the party is considerably weakened, groupism seems to be growing and this is threatening the very existence of the party these days.

Beeda Mastan Rao, an industrialist and a TDP money-bag represented the party for many years. His word was the law. His brother Ravichandra was an MLC and was once considered for the state TDP secretary post. But in the assembly elections, the TDP ignored Ravichandra's claim and made Vishnuvardhan Reddy its candidate. Vishnuvardhan was originally with the YSRCP and crossed over into the TDP at the time of the elections. To compensate for the Beeda family, Chandrababu made Mastan Rao TDP's MP candidate. However, both Reddy and Mastan Rao lost the election badly. After this, Mastan Rao joined the YSRCP, but Ravichandra stayed back in the TDP. Now both Vishnuvardhan Reddy and Ravichandra are fighting for supremacy in the TDP.

Both the leaders are at loggerheads and are organising rival programmes to get one up on the other. Now both these leaders are fighting over the issue of removal of NTR statue from Kavali Centre. Instead of fighting together, both are fighting one another. And Chandrababu has no clue how to bring both together.