Instead of Helping, Did Jana Sena Ruin TDP Chances?

Wed Apr 24 2019 15:33:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

Has Chandrababu’s master plan of dividing the anti-TDP votes by bringing Jana Sena into the picture boomeranged?It appears so. Internal assessments and reviews within the TDP show that the Jana Sena has eaten into the TDP vote bank in a significant manner and this could upset the TDP winning chances in at least 30 assembly constituencies. This is so because more Kapu leaders from the TDP went to the Jana Sena than those from the YSRCP.

The party leaders now feel that the Jana Sena has significantly weaned away the TDP votes. A booth-wise assessment done at the party’s highest fora has shown that Jana Sena had played spoilspot for the TDP. The TDP is now coming to believe that it could suffer serious debacle due to the Jana Sena. They say that all those voters who had voted for the TDP because of Pawan Kalyan’s call have moved away from the TDP. This made the critical difference in several constituencies. So, the Jana Sena is a double loss for the TDP, feel TDP analysts. The post poll analysis has reportedly revealed this. This could be confirmed on May 23 when the votes are counted.