Intelligence Successful in Chalo Vijayawada, not Amalapuram?

Wed May 25 2022 18:18:11 GMT+0530 (IST)

Tension gripping the Amalapuram town with intense protests came as a sudden shock to one and all. The Konaseema region never faced such intense situations in the region in the past. Protestors hitting the roads in big numbers had raised many doubts about the intelligence capabilities.

For the past few days, there were reports of possible protests in the region opposing BR Ambedkar’s name for the newly carved out district. Curfew was imposed in Konaseema. However, people stepping out in such big numbers is a big concern.

The protest issue is so big that even the national media is covering the news. The protestors put the residences of the Minister and MLA on fire after damaging a few buses on the road. This is not a small thing that can be ignored.

The entire Amalapuram issue shed light on the failure of the intelligence department which is supposed to see that such things won't happen by informing the state government and officials of the issue.

If we look at the Chalo Vijayawada program, the intelligence department was successful mostly by warning the Police Department on the ways explored by the employees. The majority of the inputs turned fruitful with the employees being placed under arrest. Or else, the Chalo Vijayawada would have been even more successful.

Coming to the Chalo Amalapuram call, there are a lot of questions on its failure with the opposition parties attacking the intelligence department. Many doubt that the situation would have been not worse if the intelligence department would have got the right info.

No department can be accurate and seizing the District Collectorate can be seen as an unexpected thing. But protestors reaching out to legislators' houses and burning them is a big issue.