Interested People Can Buy Lions From Zoo, Says Govt!

Fri Jul 29 2022 18:29:33 GMT+0530 (IST)

Wild Animals that too big cats are not meant to be sold in the open market and it is an offense that can attract serious punishment. But the government came forward to sell the big cats that too for a relatively less cost. Hoping someone would buy, the government openly made an offer, and posters saying the same were released.

Yes, you heard it right. The government is hoping to gather funds by giving the African lions on sale. But it is not in India thankfully. Our neighboring country is trying the idea to get funds.

Media reports are abuzz that, the Pakistan government has reportedly invited interested people to buy the African lions. The authorities at the iconic Lahore Zoo put up posters inviting people and the cost of the Lion is around 50,000 in Indian currency which is less than the cost of a buffalo.

It is known that Pakistan's economy is not going in the right direction. There are many reports which say that the nation might meet the fate of Sri Lanka very soon.

The internal media is claiming that Pakistan is going through a big crisis and that it is not in a position to even take care of the expenses f animals in the Zoo. Not in a position to bear the expenses, the zoo authorities reportedly came up with the idea to sell some of its lions.

By doing so, the zoo is aiming at two things. One, the expenses would be reduced rapidly and the second one is that they can get money to take care of other animals at the zoo. In many parts of Pakistan, people have lions as pets and the zoo authorities pinned high hopes that their idea would work.