Internet Speed Increased In India!

Fri May 19 2023 18:39:50 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Thanks to the emergence of Jio, internet use in India increased largely. Jio company which offered free internet initially is now charging money for the same. However, this did not stop the rise of internet users in the country.

Despite the massive internet usage in the country, India is not in the top position in terms of internet speed. India is in the 60th position. A recent survey said that the Netherlands is at the top position in terms of network speed.

India has a speed of 36.35 MBPS in the mobile internet category and India's rank is 60th position. It has to be mentioned here that India got a ranking of  64 in the ratings that were released in May.

Talking about the fixed broadband category, India stands at 83rd position with a speed of 51.12 MBPS. Compared to March, India's ranking bettered by one position.

The rankings were allotted by surveying as many as 138 nations. Yemen, Afghanistan, and Cuba are in the last positions with a speed of 3.38,4.46, and 4.48 MBPS respectively. Compared to the three nations, India is in a better position in terms of internet speed.

 Only ten nations are offering more mobile data than 100 MBPS and 33 nations have a net speed of over 100 MBPS. However, India has no place in both categories.