Modi Is The King Of Internet Disruption

Mon Dec 16 2019 17:06:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ever since the NDA government came to power for the second time in 2019, there is a rush to ban the Internet service at the drop of the hat. The BJP government, led by Narendra Modi is cutting off the internet service whenever there is a law and order problem. When the Article 370 was abrogated, Modi immediately cut off the Internet connection in Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh. As a result, rumours could not spread and the arsonist elements could not get connected to each other to orchestrate attacks.

Now for the Citizenship Amendment Bill too, the internet services in whole of the North East have been cut off. This has helped the government to contain the protests very soon. Due to this, the arsonists were cut off from one another. But, this tendency to cut the internet services is fast becoming a subject of derision and light-hearted chatter. North East flared up in a big way after the CAA was passed by both the houses of Parliament.

Many are saying that if the same trend continues , Modi might one day ban internet in the whole of the country. Whether that becomes a reality or not, Modi as of now is the butt of many jokes.