"Intruder" in Shamshabad airport worries forest officials

Tue Jan 19 2021 16:46:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

The high security Shamshabad airport had an unusual intruder on Monday. A cheetah is said to have jumped the high rise compound wall and the electrified fence and entered into the Shamshabad Rajiv Gandhi International airport.

With some onlookers caught a glimpse of the feline jumping the fence and entering the Shamshabad, the CCTV footage too showed signs of some animal intruding into the airport. However, the authorities are unsure if it is a cheetah or leopard. As soon as the news spread, there was panic among the airport staff. However, the authorities have said that there was nothing to worry as they have already informed the forest officials, who have laid traps at different grassy areas and thick forest area around the airport.

A massive hunt is on in areas like Golconda, Bahadurpura and Shamshabad to locate the quadruped. A team has been formed under the leadership of Shyam Kumar to nab the Cheetah.