Is AP Govt Using New Guidelines to Escape Amma Vodi Burden?

Thu Jun 23 2022 17:58:32 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Amma Vodi scheme is one of the flagship Navaratnalu welfare schemes being implemented by the Andhra Pradesh government. The schemes were brought to lend a helping hand to various sections of society. Despite the heavy burden, the YS Jagan Mohan Reddy government is continuing the welfare schemes.

Looks like the government started to face the heat of the burden and new guidelines were issued so that a big amount of beneficiaries will be missed out. The new guidelines issued by the government on the Amma Vodi scheme created a big uproar from the beneficiaries.

As the funds of the third phase of the Amma Vodi scheme are yet to be released, more than one lakh beneficiaries were removed from the list and they will not get the funds under the flagship schemes. On the other hand, the beneficiaries will also face a cut of Rs 2,000 in the funds.

Reacting to the news, Education Minister Botsa Satyanarayana said that removing the beneficiaries is not true but they have to follow certain rules like having 75 percent of attendance to get the funds. However, having certain attendance is not mandatory in schools like colleges.

The beneficiaries are asking why so many guidelines are being imposed on the scheme. Earlier, the government said, families who consume more than 300 units of electricity and who have rice cards are not eligible for the scheme.

On top of this, the 75 percent attendance guideline was also imposed. Due to Covid fear parents are not in a mood to send children to school and online classes are taking place. With this, many students missed out.

Looking at the government bringing new rules for the scheme makes everyone feel that the government wants to reduce the burden of schemes by citing the guidelines. It is also said that the same might be followed for other schemes as well.