Is An MLA In Karnataka Just Worth Rs 5 Crore?

Sat Jul 20 2019 13:53:23 GMT+0530 (IST)

What is the asking rate of an MLA in Karnataka? An interesting debate is going on this. Sources say huge money is changing hands in the ''sale and purchase'' of the MLAs. Both the rival camps are on a buying spree. One is trying to buy MLAs to dethrone the government while the other is trying to keep the government in place.

Already as many as 15 MLAs have moved away from the Congress-JDS combine. They are not explaining why they are unhappy. The JDS and the Congress allege that these MLAs had sold themselves out. Though the Congress tried to buy them back but without much success. One MLA from the JDS has alleged the BJP had offered him Rs 5 crores to switch sides. He has also revealed the names of those who approached him. But, given the dicey situation in the state, is an MLA worth just Rs 5 crore? Or is he indicating that he wants more?

Given the political instability in the state, an MLA is definitely worth much more, not just Rs 5 crore.