Is Atchen Naidu Being Made A Scapegoat

Sat Nov 06 2021 20:07:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

He is state party president of the Telugu Desam. He should normally be the incharge of all the elections in his state. But, AP TDP leader Atchen Naidu has been reduced to an incharge of the elections in Nellore Municipal Corporation.  Atchen Naidu has taken up the task in the right earnest and is camping in Nellore.

According to TDP sources, Atchen Naidu is interacting with various leaders and is coordinating the campaign with the help of former minister Somireddy ChandramohanReddy and senior leader Bida Ravichandra. But, he is up against the might of minister Anil Kumar and Nellore rural MLA Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy. Both are formidable leaders and are no pushovers. What more? The YSRCP has all the 10 MLAs, both the MP seats in its kitty. So, it’s an uphill task for Atchen Naidu.

Sources say that sending Atchen to work in Nellore is like a demotion to him. It is being said that this is a plan of Chandrababu to show Atchen his place. This election could have been managed by Somireddy himself. But, Chandrababu has pitted Atchen Naidu against the might of the YSRCP. As of now, the TDP does not have the requisite strength to put up candidates in all the constituencies.

But the interesting question is why is not Lokesh pitted against the YSRCP in Nellore? Why has Lokesh been exempted from all this. He is not even busy with Kuppam municipal elections. He has been divested of the responsibility of Kuppam municipal elections.  Is is because Chandrababu does not want to expose the chinks in the armour of Lokesh? Is it because he wants to cover up the weaknesses of Lokesh?