Telangana: Is BJP Trying to Increasing MLA Count?

Fri Jul 22 2022 15:42:07 GMT+0530 (IST)

Political leaders switching parties is not new and we have been seeing this for ages. Leaders who think that the other parties would be better for them will shift their loyalties. Irrespective of the state, this happens many times and it is likely to be repeated one more time.

As an interesting topic in Telangana politics, a Congress party MLA met Union Home Minister Amit Shah and this gave birth to speculation that he might join the saffron party in Telangana.

Munugodu MLA Komatireddy Raj Gopal Reddy met the Union Home Minister. His comments hint that he might don the saffron shawl. Despite the enmity between the Congress party and BJP, the MLA showered praises on the saffron party and said that the party has the ability to defeat the TRS. All these factors added fuel to the opinion that the Congress party MLA might join the T-BJP.

Though BJP is an opposition party in Telangana, it has just three MLAs with it and the count is not what an opposition party should have. With little strength, the saffron party cannot do anything to the TRS which has over 100 MLAs with it.

Nurturing a leader and making him/her win the polls and establishing them is a time taking process. Instead inviting leaders from other parties makes things easier and similar. We have seen this in Etela Rajender's case.

When he has nowhere to go, the BJP went in touch and invited him to the party. Now he is an MLA and almost everyone forgot the alleged allegations that were leveled against him.

It appears like the BJP is in plans to repeat the same. Reports say that, by inviting Rajagopal Reddy, the saffron party wants to take its MLAs count to four from the existing three. After Rajagopal Reddy joins the saffron party, we might see a few others following in his footsteps.

More than Telangana Rashtra Samithi, the BJP might see more incomings from the grand-old Congress party given the internal fights. Revanth Reddy holding the key post is not going well with many and they are looking for other options.