Is BJP a B Team For YCP?

Fri Nov 18 2022 16:30:01 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Where is the Bharatiya Janata Party heading? What is the party's aim in Andhra Pradesh? Are the Delhi leaders making any quality efforts in making the lotus party blossom in the state are the questions many have? We will know the answer if we closely observe the political developments in the state.

The political experts say that the Bharatiya Janata Party reportedly wants to make the TDP weak so that it can grow there. Andhra Pradesh has two strong regional parties TDP and YSRCP that are in opposition and ruling respectively in Andhra Pradesh.

Observers say that the saffron party is going soft on the ruling YSRCP and is targeting the opposition party. The BJP is doing that so that it can have a space to blossom in the state. But what the saffron party is doing in the state is the question here.

After the YCP finishes its term in the state people would look at an alternative party if they are not happy with it and the BJP reportedly wants that position. However, the BJP is not fighting for public causes to be the voice of the voters. Instead of attacking the ruling party, BJP is targeting the Telugu Desam Party.

Experts feel that BJP is not looking for the government in the state and it wants a party that would support them at the Center if needed. As the YCP has been a friendly party the BJP is not attacking it and only focusing on making the grand old Telugu Desam Party weak.

There is also strong criticism that the BJP became YCP's B team in Andhra Pradesh. To gather big crowds for the events the party needs YCP's support and YCP comes in handy to target the TDP too. Though the two parties have a friendship they will not make it public as per the experts.

On top of this, the BJP Delhi leadership has no idea who the state chief is. The leadership is of the view that if YCP stays in the state then it would be helpful to it.

 Does the BJP have any fear that what the people will say if they do such things is the question here? One wonders why the national party is not thinking about banking on the criticism faced by the ruling YSRCP. It is shocking to see that a party like BJP which wants to blossom across the nation is not thinking about Andhra Pradesh.

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