Is BJP keeping a watch on Pragathi Bhavan?

Sat Apr 03 2021 09:01:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

Is the BJP keeping a close watch on the goings on in the Pragathi Bhavan? Highly placed sources say that the BJP state unit has got its molls in the Pragathi Bhavan and is able to ferret out information from the closed vaults.

In fact, a watch is being kept on who is visiting Pragathi Bhavan and who is meeting whom is being observed. Several highly secretive documents, including some DPRs of key irrigation project are already in the hands of the Central Government. Highly placed sources say that the BJP might unleash a campaign against the TRS corruption and fix several key leaders. The aim is to choke the party of its financial resources. When the funds dry up, the party would not be able to 'buy' votes. This has become very important as the TRS reportedly spent close to Rs 50 crore for the Graduates MLC constituency on the day before polling.

The BJP sources say that it had followed the same strategy of choking the rival of funds successfully in Andhra Pradesh elections in 2019. The same strategy is now being employed in West Bengal too against Mamta Banerjee, said. It may be recalled that KCR had thrown out his PRO Vijayakumar recently after copies of some key files were smuggled out to the Central sleuths.