Is BJP understanding the Anti-Public sentiment it is facing?

Sun Sep 12 2021 18:12:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

The BJP in the Centre is on a spree of removing the Chief Ministers in the BJP ruled states who are facing a lot of allegations and criticism over the way they function in their respective states. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's home state Gujarat joined the list now.

The other day, BJP leader Vijay Rupani had resigned from the Chief Minister post. He has been serving as the Gujarat Chief Minister since the last term. It is said that he has been facing a lot of allegations and the leaders in his cabinet are not happy with him.

The way he handled the Covid outbreak in the state had also raised a lot of concern and the opposition parties in the state are criticizing him in this regard. There are the reasons that made the BJP look for another candidate as the Chief Minister reportedly.

Reports say that the decision was taken to see that the anti-sentiment against the BJP given the decisions taken by the Centre and the criticism faced by Vijay Rupani would not impact the party in the forthcoming elections.

A similar situation happened with Karnataka and Uttarakhand. Earlier Yediyurappa and Tirath Singh Rawat resigned as the Chief Minister of Karnataka and Uttarakhand res[ectively. The political observers say that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had acknowledged the anti sentiment his Central government is facing and changing the Chief Ministers go on the same lines.