Is Bengaluru meeting responsible for Eatala's sacking?

Tue Jun 08 2021 18:20:33 GMT+0530 (IST)

An innocuous meeting in Bengaluru is said to be the cause of the conflict between KCR and Eatala Rajender. Last year, Rajender held a meeting of close confidants in Bengaluru, where he had opened up about his disenchantment with KCR. It was after this meeting that Eatala made the sensational comments where he said he was the real owner of the pink flag.

Eatala’s remarks in Bengaluru reached KCR and since then, the relations between Eatala and KCR worsened, say sources. The TRS top bosses have questioned Eatala about the meeting. Though Eatala tried to give some explanation, the bosses did not take it kindly. KCR had not immediately taken any action against Eatala and waited for the Nagarjunasagar bypolls to be completed. Once the Nagarjunasagar results were announced, KCR moved in swiftly and sacked Eatala. Sources say that KCR’s intelligence set up is quite powerful and keeps a close tab on all his potential rivals  both within the party and outside it.

Sources say that another minister in KCR cabinet too could be similarly thrown out. This minister too has organised a meeting in Bengaluru recently, where several disgruntled TRS leaders were present. KCR is said to have sought an explanation from the minister concerned. TRS insiders say that it is only a matter of time the other leader too could be shown the door.