Is Bobbili Raja looking to rejoin YSRCP?

Wed Aug 18 2021 17:07:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

Will  Bibbili royal clan's scion and former minister Sujayakrishna Ranga Rao return to his mother party, the YSRCP? Indications are that Rao, who is currently in the TDP is upset by the growing dominance of his traditional rivals – the Gajapathis – in the TDP. He is looking to join the YSRCP.

In fact, Bobbili Raja was in the YSRCP and had joined the TDP during the Chandrababu regime. Chandrababu rewarded him with a ministerial post. However, both the Bobbili royalty and the Gajapathi royalty are traditional rivals and their rivalry spans over nearly two centuries. Both the rajahs were in the same party for the first ever time during Chandrababu's regime. In the 2019 elections, both the Rajahs lost the elections.

But now, the Gajapathis are having an upper hand in the TDP especially after the recent court verdicts on Mansas Trust. As a result, the Bobbili Raja was reportedly feeling out of place. The YSRCP has reportedly met him and invited him into the YSRCP. If sources are to be believed, he might join the YSRCP sooner than later. But there is only one question.

One of the main reasons why Sujayakrishna Ranga Rao left the YSRCP was the dominance of Botsa Satyanarayana in Vizianagaram. But, now Botsa is all powerful as a senior minister in Jagan's cabinet. How will the Bobbili Raja reconcile to this remains to be seen.