Is Gadapa Gadapaku a PK strategy?

Wed May 11 2022 10:40:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

Is YSRCP in AP implementing the famed Prashant Kishor formula to reach out to the people? The "Gadapa Gadapaku YSRCP" which is launched from Wednesday is being touted as a typical PK formula. The main aim of the programme is to reach out to the people and explain about the achievements of the government.

PK had successfully implemented this formula in both Delhi and West Bengal assembly elections. The ruling party cadre was asked to meet the people and explain about the achievements of the government. In the case of Delhi, the cadre explained about "Mohalla Clinics" and Government schools. In West Bengal, they explained about the direct benefit scheme of Mamta Didi. In the same way, the YSRCP cadre will make the village secretariats the central point of their explanation.

In case of West Bengal and Delhi, PK came up with a feel-good song for the campaign. In the case of Delhi, the song "Lage Raho Kejriwal"  was used. In West Bengal, the "khela hobe" song was used. So, expect a song on YS Jagan's government very soon to mark the YSRCP's outreach programme in Andhra Pradesh.

In both West Bengal and Delhi, the party collected data about those voters who are in favour of the party and those against them. This helped in formulating strategies to win the elections. Also, this programme has also helped in activating the party cadre across the states. Even in the case of AP, the same thing is being done.