Is Harish Rao Behind RTC Strike?

Fri Oct 04 2019 11:23:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

Is Harish Rao behind the proposed RTC strike? There is a strong buzz that Harish Rao still has strong influence on the TRS employees union and is actually prodding them to go to strike this Dasara season.

It is worth remembering that Harish always had great hold over the RTC employees and led the RTC unions during the Telangana movement. He was available whenever they needed him. He was the honorary president of the Telangana Mazdoor Union, which is the dominant union. But, things have changed after KCR came to power a second time. Harish was not made a minister initially and there was a clear attempt to marginalise him. During those days, Harish reportedly told the RTC union that since he was out of favour of KCR, there was nothing that he could do to help the RTC employees.

Even while Harish Rao was heading the trade union, CM KCR has made some very strong criticism of the RTC employees. These comments came despite the unstinted support of the RTC employees to the ruling party. Many claim that the criticism was mainly meant to weaken Harish Rao. But now it appears that Harish Rao is wrecking vengeance. Interestingly, in a recent interview Telangana Mazdoor Union leader Aswatthama Reddy has praised Harish Rao to the skies and said he was an ideal leader.

These comments are now being interpreted by some as proof of Harish Rao's backing to the strike.  Is Harish prodding the RTC employees to strike so that he can play the role of a mediator later and increase his importance in the party and to the government? This question is doing rounds in the TRS circles these days!!