Is He the Reason Behind Bandi Sanjay-Arvind Fall Out?

Wed Mar 15 2023 17:32:20 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The Telangana BJP which is showing aggression to target the BRS no matter what is struggling with internal issues now. It is known that BRS made a controversy out of comments made by Bandi Sanjay on MLC Kavitha. Nizamabad BJP MP Dharmapuri Arvind found fault with Bandi Sanjay unexpectedly. As Arvind spoke about the party activities not just Kavitha's comments, people understood that the issue is something else.

Arvind said that the state chief should co-ordinate with the party cadre and not become power center. The party understood that Arvind spoke what he has in his heart. A debate is going on about why Arvind is criticizing never before.

 A version from BJP says that Bandi Sanjay is allegedly eyeing the seat of Nizamabad MP Bandi Sanjay and Arvind is angry with this. Either to target Arvind's seat or to make the party strong, Bandi Sanjay is holding talks with a strong leader. Arvind is fearing that he might have to look for another constituency if the strong leader comes and gets the Nizamabad seat.

Mutyala Suneel Reddy who is from the Balkonda constituency is making efforts to join BJP. Suneel Reddy is the owner of Orange Travels, a popular one in two states. He was with the BRS till the last elections. Though he hoped for the Balkonda ticket, sitting MLA Prashant Reddy was given a ticket. He contested the polls as an independent candidate and came second. Prashant Reddy's grip increased after he was given a place in KCR's cabinet. So Suneel distanced himself from BRS.

Suneel is trying to join BJP for the past one and a half years. He is maintaining good ties with Bandi Sanjay. But Arvind is opposing his joining. Arvind is ap[pearing as a strong leader in the Nizamabad region. As Suneel Reddy is a rich person and might get the ticket if he joins the party and he is joining the party for the ticket, Arvind is opposing his joining.

Though his joining is pending, Suneel Reddy is said to be increasing his activities in the Balkonda constituency and Nizamabad Parliament region reportedly. On the other hand, Suneel Reddy is having good relations with Etela Rajender who is taking care of joinings. The party circles say that Arvind is angry at Sanjay as Suneel's joining is confirmed in BJP.