Is It BJP's Turn To Taste The Pain of Government Collapse?

Mon Aug 08 2022 20:05:10 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The union government Bharatiya Janata Party is giving shocks to other parties by collapsing the government by taking MLAs to their side. From Karnataka to recent Maharashtra, the party is doing the same and increasing the number of states where it is in power. The party is also targeting the opponents saying that they might face the fate of Maharashtra in the collapse of the government.

Now it is said that the saffron party BJP is on the verge of tasting the medicine it uses on other parties as the ally party is said to be in plans to end its ties with the BJP and join hands with others.

It has been widely reported that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar who entered an alliance with BJP four years back is reportedly thinking of bidding goodbye to the friendship of the BJP as something went wrong with both parties reportedly.

Reports say that Nitish Kumar is not happy with the friendship of the BJP and he is looking into how to deal with the alleged crisis. A few legislators from the party are said to be not happy with the alliance and want a change. For that Nitish Kumar is likely to meet the legislators from his party tomorrow.

Seeing that Nitish Kumar is reportedly gearing up to look at options to leave BJP’s alliance, the other parties came forward to extend help on one condition that the party should not continue ties with BJP.

As reports say that Nitish Kumar would take a call on this, we might get to see if the BJP would get to taste its medicine that too from an ally party. After the 2019 general elections, Nitish Kumar and BJP joined hands with BJP. Now, this might get changed.