Is JD Planning To Join Telugu Desam?

Fri Jan 31 2020 14:57:09 GMT+0530 (IST)

VV Lakshminarayana surprised everyone by quitting Jana Sena Party all of a sudden citing the re-entry of Pawan Kalyan into films as a reason. To where this Former CBI Joint Director is heading towards is the million dollar question at present?

Other than Telugu Desam Party, VV Lakshminarayana have no option left if he wishes to stick to AP Politics. He can't join YCP after earning popularity with the corruption cases filed against Jagan & Co., Even shifting loyalties to BJP is a big no as this National Party is now Jana Sena's alliance partner. He himself turned down the offer to be Lok Satta Chief ahead of 2019 Polls. Possibility of joining either Congress or Left Parties is out of question. If not TDP, JD has to float his own political party but there are no such indications for now.

A TDP Leader who took part in a TV Debate Today welcomed VV Lakshminarayana into the party certifying him as honest person who sacrificed his job to serve the people. Seems like, Even Chandrababu Naidu wishes to use the services of Former CBI JD to tackle YCP Leaders. That is why such indications has been sent to Lakshminarayana through media.