Is Kishan Reddy Shifting His Gears?

Sat Feb 22 2020 16:40:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

Of late, Union Minister of State for Home Affairs G Kishan Reddy appears to have shifted gears. From a docile leader, who does not get angry easily, this three time MLA and two-time party president has always chosen the path of least resistance. He always looked docile and liked being non-controversial. But, suddenly people are seeing an aggressive Kishan Reddy of late. These days, he is trying to show that he is a strong leader who brooks no nonsense.

After the Bhainsa incident, Kishan Reddy chose not to visit the spot for a full fortnight. There were criticism galore. Then he suddenly shifted gears and took an entourage of 70 cars to Bhainsa and called on the victims of the violence perpetrated by the supporters of the MIM. Next, there was the inauguration of the Metro line from LB Nagar to Imliban. There was a protocol breach and Kishan Reddy's name was not there on the memorial plaque. Otherwise docile Kishan Reddy made a big issue out of it and warned the officials that their protocol breaches would be viewed very seriously. Even the TRS leaders were shocked at the aggression of Kishan Reddy.

The question now is why has he suddenly gone into the aggressive mode? Is it because of some prodding from the BJP's national leadership? Or has he felt that it was time for him to shed diffidence as younger lot like Dharmapuri Arvind and Bandi Sanjay are emerging as darlings of pro-BJP elements?