Is Konda Surekha Too Planning To Jump Into The BJP Bandwagon?

Wed Jul 17 2019 19:29:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

Remember Konda Surekha an  Konda Murali? Till the other day, they were counted among the most powerful political families in Warangal district. While Murali was always an MLC, Surekha was a many-time MLA and a minister too. They have, however, been in and out of various political parties. They began with ultra left movements. Then they joined the Congress. Later, they joined the YSRCP. Just ahead of 2014 elections, they joined the TRS. But, they could not adjust in the TRS and rejoined the Congress ahead of 2019 elections. This time around, Surekha lost the election due to the TRS wave.

Ever since the loss, the Konda couple have been maintaining a low profile. But the latest we are hearing is that the couple are now looking towards the Bharatiya Janata Party. Sources say that they have already established contact with the BJP national leaders and are planning to enter the party at the right time. They feel that the BJP is the party of future in Telangana and that it can take on the TRS in the next election.  According to sources, Konda family is asking for a ticket for their daughter too. But, the BJP is said to have told them that they cannot guarantee anything at this stage.

But, there is only a small hitch. Their arch rival and Congress leader Gandra Satyanarayana is also planning to join the BJP. If he joins then the Konda family will have problem in getting ticket. So, the Konda family is asking for some kind of guarantee from the BJP. Once this is done, they would announce their joining  the BJP.