Is MIM Trying To Buy Stakes In Telugu Daily?

Sat May 16 2020 11:33:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

The MIM is thinking big. Apart from trying to expand its footprint across the country, it is also trying to deepen and widen itself in Telangana. After becoming a potent force in Maharashtra and Bihar, the party now feels that it is time it should emerge from the shadows and think of ruling Telangana.

Yes. The MIM is planning to buy a reputed English daily down south and is eyeing a popular Telugu daily that is counted among the top five. By buying stakes in these papers, the MIM, is being reported, is planning to get good coverage for itself and to build a positive image for the Muslim community. Highly placed sources say that the MIM already runs an Urdu daily and one of its MLAs owns a hugely popular cable TV channel that caters to the Old City. Now, they want a pan-Telangana presence. By acquiring stakes in a Telugu daily it wants to get into the mainstream and create a favourable opinion for itself outside the Old City of Hyderabad. Similarly, it wants to storm South India and sees a big opportunity in Tamil Nadu, where Muslims are in considerable numbers in the south Tamil Nadu.

Already talks are on with the managements of these two media houses, according to reliable sources. MIM wants to win at least 10 MLA seats in the next assembly elections and wants to emerge as a key player in Telangana politics.