Is Modi A Chowkidar Or Shehenshah?: Priyanka

Wed Apr 24 2019 15:07:09 GMT+0530 (IST)

Priyanka Gandhi came down heavily on Narendra Modi by sharing a video of preparation being done to welcome Prime Minister in Bundelkhand Region.

In the video footage, Water Tankers have been emptied to clean the roads on which PM Modi's convoy would be passing. She questioned how could Modi waste drinking water in such manner when people of Bundelkhand Region are suffering due to water scarcity. 'Is Modi a chowkidar or shehenshah?,' asked the Congress Leader.

Priyanka Gandhi was appointed as Congress in-charge for Easter Uttar Pradesh. She intensified the attack on Narendra Modi ahead of the fourth phase polling. Political Entry of the Gandhi Scion is certainly going to boost the prospects of the National Party in the crucial state.

Which party wins majority of the seats in Uttar Pradesh is so crucial for the formation for next government in Delhi. Modi Hawa fetched record number of seats in 2014 but SP-BSP Combine and Congress has been now putting up a spirited fight.