Is Rahul Getting The Right Advice?

Fri May 29 2020 14:03:38 GMT+0530 (IST)

Is Rahul Gandhi making the same mistake again? Two years ago, when there was Doklam standoff, Rahul Gandhi did a cardinal mistake by going to the Chinese embassy in Delhi in the dead of the night. Instead of ascertaining about the ground position from the Government of India, he approached the Chinese for information about Doklam.

The public at large and the political class in particular questioned the rationale of Rahul seeking Chinese version instead of knowing India's stand. The Congress party had to do a lot of explaining to wriggle out of a tight situation. A section had even apologized for Rahul's visit to Chinese embassy. This time, even as India and China are locked in an eyeball to eyeball confrontation in Ladakh, Rahul Gandhi  again made a tweet: 'The government's silence about the border situation with China is fueling massive speculation and uncertainty at a time of crisis. GOI must come clean and tell India exactly what's happening' .

Such statements at this juncture could prove counter productive for the Congress Party. Yet, Rahul Gandhi has chosen to tweet these things.  Are the thinking heads of the Congress party giving the right advice to Rahul Gandhi?