Is Rathod's entry into BJP a direct threat to this MP?

Wed Jun 16 2021 10:54:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ramesh Rathod's entry into BjP is likely to create more problems than it seeks to solve. Rathod, a powerful tribal leader, who has been one of the mainstays of the Congress Party in undivided Adilabad district, has recently joined the BJP. While he is a major addition to the party and can mobilize the Lambada ST population towards the BJP, he is also a big problem as he is sure to antagonize the major ST group, the Gonds.

Rathod's entry is ringing alarm bells in sitting bJP MP Soyam Bapurao, who is a Gond tribal. In fact, Bapurao objected to Rathod's entry into the party and stalled him for several months. It was only after Rathod met and spoke to Bapurao that Rathod was allowed into the BJP. The biggest problem is the Gond-Lambada rivalry among the tribals. While Bapurao represents the Gonds, Rathod stands for Lambadas.

But more than these, Bapurao feels that Rathod might want to contest for the MP seat in the 2024 elections. This is a major conflict point between the two. Rathod is a former MP and has wide connections in the district. His wife Suman Rathod too is a politician in her own right. If Rathod wants an MLA seat and MP seat for his family, with the BjP cede the seats to him? As of now, both the groups are carefully following the other's moves. Let's see how things unfold in undivided Adilabad.