Is Revanth Reddy Trying To undercut Sridhar Babu In Bhupalpally?

Wed Jul 28 2021 13:22:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

Is Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee chief Revanth Reddy trying to undercut the influence of senior Congress leader and former minister Duddilla Sridhar Babu? Those in the know say that Revanth Reddy has unveiled a plan to weaken Sridhar Babu and bring in people staunchly opposed to Sridhar Babu.

If sources are to be believed, Revanth is trying to bring in Gandra Satyanarayana into the party in Bhupalpalli district. Gandra is a known Revanth Reddy backer . He is said to have obtained a guarantee from Revanth Reddy about his position in the party and the likelihood of his getting the party ticket in 2023 assembly elections. This automatically means that those opposed to Gandra Satyanarayana will stand less chance of getting the party ticket.

Sridhar Babu, who is also the incharge of the DCC, has been trying to get Bhupalpally ticket to his brother Duddilla Srinubabu. However, with Revanth's arrival, his chances have become slimmer. Now Gandra Satyanarayana is going home telling people that he would be the next Congress candidate from Bhupalpally.

Meanwhile, Gandra Satyanarayana is making preparations to join the Congress amid much fanfare. He is trying to get dates from Revanth Reddy to hold a massive public meeting in Bhupalpalli. He is planning to join the Congress in this public meeting. His big-bang entry plans are causing concern to the Sridhar Babu and Srinubabu camp. They are feeling that Gandra's entry would mean their eclipse. They are now planning to counter Revanth Reddy's aggressive moves. Revanth has been trying to undercut Sridhar Babu and his support base in a systematic way. Let's wait and see how things unfold in Bhupalpally.