Is Sharmila missing Telangana's political bus?

Tue Aug 17 2021 17:29:40 GMT+0530 (IST)

Is YS Sharmila missing the Telangana's political bus? Is she taking up issues that have no political relevance and is refusing to see the political reality in Telangana? Is she ignoring major issues that are rocking Telangana these days? Is she barking up the wrong tree in Telangana?

Come to think of it. The fulcrum of present Telangana politics is in North Telangana. Huzurabad elections, Dalit Bandhu implementation and SC and ST politics are all happening in Telangana. The BJP has pitted all its energies in Huzurabad. Eatala Rajender is slogging in the constituency like there's no tomorrow. TRS ministers like Harish Rao, Koppula Eswar and Gangula Kamalakar are focusing on the constituency. The Dalit Bandhu is being implemented in Vasalamarri and Huzurabad. At the same time, Revanth Reddy is organising programmes in places like Adilabad and is focusing on Bellampalli.

But where is YS Sharmila? She is ploughing a lone furrow down south in Telangana. She toured Nalgonda and Mahabubnagar. She has toured Khammam, which is politically not a hot place now. Political analysts feel that she is working in a politically cold place and that would not get her any mileage. So, she has completely lost the political initiative. Hence her dharnas and protests are unable to touch the hearts of the people of Telangana. Will Sharmila learn her political lesson?